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Discover Scuba Diving lesson just £30 inc equipment hire.

PADI Open Water (confined water training) course only £219.

Refresher courses also available.

 Please call Peter Lund on 07786 554080 for details


One of our students said..."Having done my open water dives near Alicante, I've just returned from a great trip to Hawaii, where I made a couple of diving trips - coral, dolphins, green turtles, monk seals,  moray eels, manta rays (at night) and countless beautiful (and ugly) fish and other creatures. 
Thanks again to you and your team for opening up this new world for me." P.I. July 2016

 Formby Pool, Merseyside. England.

Welcome to

Formby Pool Scuba School 

Learn to dive in Formby, in the safe & friendly atmosphere of the stunning Formby Pool.  


Start with a 'Discover Scuba Dive'.  

An interesting, easy and fun way to begin your underwater journey.

And it's only £30!

Alternatively do the full course just £219.


Discover Scuba Dives 

are run every Wenesday evening and MUST be pre-booked at Formby Pool reception by Tuesday Lunchtime.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of Scuba diving at Formby Pool

please call Peter on

07786 554080

Students enjoying their scuba lessons with Peter and the team.

Please book at Formby Pool reception for the Discover Scuba Dive.  This gives you a PADI Skin Diver certificate which is valid for 12 months to enable you to continue to the PADI Open Water Diver 




under 16's must have their medical statement signed by a parent/guardian.


See details of medical statement and Try-Dive here


Once you start you can easily complete your confined water element of your PADI Open Water Diver course in either 5 weeks if you are in a rush, or a more leisurely 10 weeks which is particularly aimed at students and families.


And once you are qualified, you can progress to Advanced Open Water diver, Rescue Diver, and even the prestigious PADI Divemaster which is the first professional qualification if you fancy earning money whilst diving!


For more information email or call

Peter on 07786 554080



Learn to dive now in Formby Pool so you can enjoy scuba on holiday this year!  Go on, book now.

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This could be you....very soon!

Why choose Formby Pool Scuba School?


Formby Pool Scuba School is run by passionate, experienced, qualified divers who love introducing others to the wonderful underwater world.

They are all either PADI Divemaster or PADI Open Water Instructor qualified and very experienced.


So long as you are reasonably confident in the water and are healthy, you too can have fun learning to dive.

Do your confined water training now

for just £219 rather than spending half your holiday in the classroom. 


Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you are undertaking or about to start an award programme, such as Duke of Edinburgh, and want a physical activity that is different, exciting, rewarding and is excellent at developing numerous skills such as manual dexterity then why not consider Scuba Diving.



The PADI confined water training at Formby Pool has been used very successfully by students like you who are looking to both enhance their extracurricular activities and fulfil the requirements of excellent programmes like the DoE.  Formby Pool Scuba School offer preferred rates for students, so why not get together with some mates and get trained as a group, having even more fun whilst doing it.


This looks great on your personal statement or curriculum vitae.


Call Peter now on 07786 554080 or email here for an informal chat.




The Process


1   Discover Scuba - A 30 minute classroom introduction to scuba followed by a pool session covering some of the basics to becoming a competent and confident PADI scuba diver.  Total time approx. 2 hours, cost £30 including hire of kit, wetsuit and friendly instruction in small groups.




2   The Open Water Course - Confined Water training This involves 5 pool sessions, home study and a couple of classroom sessions in preparation for open water.  All PADI learning materials are supplied and all kit is provided whilst you are in the pool.  Cost £219.


3   Open Water Qualifying Dives - these can take place at any PADI dive centre anywhere in the world and a great excuse for a holiday! Normally 4 dives over 2 separate days repeating what you have done in the pool but with an amazing audience of fish.


4   PADI Open Water Diver. Now you are qualified to enjoy the pleasures of scuba diving, and continue to develop your skills and diving experiences.  See the PADI website for details.


Learn to explore underwater at Formby Pool


UNDERWATER fun is available at Formby Pool this summer with the centre’s Scuba School.


Adults and children (over 12) have the opportunity to learn how to explore underwater depths with open water courses

on offer over the summer.  And for those interested the Scuba School is holding free try-dives for children and adults on Wednesday, June 6 (from 7pm).


Among those who have already taken the plunge are Toby Kent and Kate Butler. Toby’s mum, Chris, said her son has already been surfing the net to research the marine fauna and flora.


She added: “It’s always been hard to get Toby to take up an interest, but he has really taken to this sport. It’s exercising his mind too as he’s learning all about the health and safety side of diving.”


Toby, 12, is now ready to take his qualifying dives in Eccleston Dive Centre, Lancashire, in early June and if he passes, he’ll be spending his summer holiday scuba diving in Spain.


Meanwhile, Kate is working towards her qualifying open water dives in July.


Anyone interested can go to Formby Pool on June 6 with their swimwear, a tee-shirt, towel and a completed medical statement (U16s must have their medical statement signed by a parent/guardian), which is available from the pool or to download from www.formbyscuba.com

Formby Times Letters - 26/08/09

Big thumbs up for scuba diving fun


CAN I just say a big thank you to Formby Pool and in particular the scuba school – led by the larger-than-life Peter Lund who has the patience of a saint when it comes to teaching the thrills and spills of scuba diving.


This week, three of us went for our first open water qualifying dives at Capernwray in Carnforth and amazingly, we passed the first stage.  I say amazingly because there have been times when we three novices have all questioned what we were doing at our age bobbing around in the water like out-of-control rubber ducks.


All credit to Pete and his team for getting us this far.  It’s a giant leap of faith from the swimming pool to the deeper fish-filled waters of Capernwray dive centre where we have elected to do our qualifying dives.


There are some who sensibly head off to more exotic settings like the Great Barrier Reef, but it’s an experience we’ll never forget.  If any of your readers are looking to take up a new interest, I strongly recommend they give scuba diving a go through the PADI course at Formby Pool Scuba School.  If you can get your head around mask-clearing, learn the difference between positive and neutral buoyancy and you can get out of a dripping wetsuit without bringing the changing room crashing round you, you’re halfway there.  This is just the beginning for us; we know there’s a great deal more to learn, but we’re looking forward to some serious fun ahead.


Red Sea, here we come.


Sue Prince




PADI Medical Statement and Notes:


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:- If you answer “YES” to ANY of the questions on the medical you MUST have your doctor sign the bottom of the second page, regardless of how long ago the medical problem occurred, to confirm you are fit for diving before turning up for your lesson. This signed medical form will last you for one year if you decide to continue and take part in a scuba course. You will NOT be allowed in the pool without this signature! It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange for this appointment in time for your lesson. If you arrive for your lesson having answered a “Yes” but have omitted to get your G.P.s signature, your lesson will not be allowed! Providing you have answered “NO” to all questions, you do NOT need to get your doctor to sign the form. In the event of difficulty or complication in relation to any medical conditions (and specific diving related medical advice) relating to compatibility with SCUBA diving, you may wish to contact a Doctor with training in this specialist field:- Dr Tim Fitzsimons M.B Ch.B of Green Lane Medical Centre, Tuebrook, Liverpool. Tel 0151 228 9101


What you need to take for your lesson:


1. Swim Suit

2. Towel

3. Spare T-shirt to wear in the water

4. Paperwork - PADI Medical Statement pages 1 and 2 only (pages 3 to 6 are for reference)

5. Pound Coin for lockers

6. A big smile


There are no pre-requisites other than being reasonably fit and healthy, confident in the water, and aged 12 or over.


If you have any questions please do get in touch with Peter on 07786 554080




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